Optimize Brand Offerings

Identifying the right mix of price, features, and benefits to maximize customer demand—and determining how best to influence their purchase pathway—is critical to your brand’s success.

Radius is experienced at optimizing brand offerings in order to take share from competitors and increase your brand’s market penetration. We are skilled at handling complex and critical issues in pricing, line extensions and product or service enhancements. Our advanced research methods give you a higher degree of clarity in decision-making and greater confidence in building a business case for supporting existing lines or expanding with new offerings or different market targets.

Once your brand is in market, Radius can profile the purchase process to determine best how to promote your offerings, connect with key decision influencers, and leverage marketing resources that will maximize your impact with customers.

Radius can solve your issues in optimizing product or service offerings through:

• Developing early stage concepts
• Strengthening product service offerings
• Guiding pricing strategies
• Forecasting performance in the market
• Optimizing lineup or portfolio
• Building optimal product or service bundles

The bottom line? More competitive clout for your brand in the marketplace.

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