Identify Differentiating Innovations

What features and benefits do customers see as missing in the market? Which ones are under delivered? Are there differentiating factors that your brand could leverage to drive involvement?

Taking a holistic look at the structure of your market from a buyer’s point of view can uncover brand opportunities in new and different ways. Radius is adept at identifying clear paths to innovations—those that are compelling; those that are meaningfully differentiated.

To do so, we conduct a strategic assessment of your current competitive landscape. This enables you to identify which strengths to build on, what barriers to address and overcome, and where opportunity exists to extend and grow. Brands pursuing aggressive growth through innovative offerings rely on Radius to guide the development of new products or services, and shape a powerful brand positioning among consumers.

Radius helps identify innovations by:

• Evaluating your competitive landscape
• Understanding brand strengths, opportunities and barriers
• Isolating open or “white” space in your market
• Highlighting brand stretch or extension opportunities
• Leveraging your brand for maximum impact on the market

The result? Choosing the right innovations to motivate customer purchase.

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