Knowledge for your brand’s growth journey.

Our executives share their knowledge and experience in a series of topics including building global brands, identifying brand innovations, and creating compelling customer propositions.



How to Leverage Virtual Techniques for Customer Immersion and Innovation

Learn about the latest virtual techniques to immerse with customers and fast-track innovations. SVP Brad Weiss-Holmes and Senior Insights Strategist Alex Tremaglio discuss virtual ethnographies, Innovation Sprint, and other techniques our clients are using.


Increasing Market Demand in a Changing World

Today’s new normal is changing customer behaviors, needs, and brand relationships. VPs Mike Patterson and Greg Halperin discuss how to create an actionable Demand Landscape and more targeted growth for your brand.


Power of Voice: Using Voice-Activated Innovation for Customer Insights

SVP Shari Aaron explains how voice-activated devices are changing the game for both customers and brands and discusses our voice-activated solution, ConnectLive.™

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