Deliver Compelling Propositions

What’s the most relevant and motivating positioning for an existing or new brand? What communication strategies will draw in your key target audiences? How can your brand message cut through the clutter?

Every marketer today is challenged with developing compelling propositions that will maximize their position in the marketplace. We know that this challenge is met through a persuasive positioning, a results-oriented loyalty strategy, and highly relevant customer messaging.

Through our proven strategic approaches, Radius can quantify your brand’s equity in the marketplace, and determine the best path to move ahead. We help minimize your development risk through a deeper understanding of your customers and their needs. Part of the Radius approach is to recognize that customers use their hearts as well as their heads to make decisions. So we examine a brand’s imagery and personality, as well as its emotional benefits and rewards.

Radius guides the development of compelling propositions by:

  • Devising an optimal targeting or segmentation strategy
  • Influencing the decision process to drive involvement with your brand
  • Strengthen loyalty and engagement with your brand
  • Identifying your most motivating brand characteristics to drive involvement
  • Developing meaning and compelling messaging and communications platforms

The outcome? Greater customer relevance for increased share of wallet.

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