Innovation Sprint

Develop innovative products or services in the middle of rapidly changing customer attitudes and behaviors.

Innovation SprintTM balances speed with custom approaches to identify high-potential innovation opportunities.

  • What it is

    A tech-forward, collaborative approach that delivers insights in an accelerated timeline which moves as fast as the team can go, depending on the complexity of your brand. Innovation Sprint is the right mix of technology and talent: cutting-edge digital tools together with experts in innovation, customer insights, and data science.

  • Why it’s unique

    Traditional innovation insights approaches are modular and can take several months, while super-short solutions don’t dig deep enough into customer needs. Innovation Sprint integrates behavioral approaches and data science to provide rapid fresh learning, concept development, iteration and validation.

  • How it works

    Innovation Sprint uses 5 seamless stages that move fluidly from align and learn, to concept ideation/iteration/validation. To keep your team aligned and on-track, an Innovation Playbook is created to capture team decisions, customer insights, and the final activation guide to socialize throughout the organization.

  • The impact

    Greater confidence in your innovation decisions for brand growth both in the short- and long-term.

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