Immersive Techniques

Deep dives into customer lives.

Successful brands put a priority on empathizing with their customers to develop deeper connections that result in loyalty and repeat purchase. And it shows in brand performance and growth.

Our human insights approaches help uncover customer pain points, and inform what additional data or behavioral research is needed to understand how your brand can meet these needs—a more relevant product, compelling messaging, responsive customer service, easier-to-use packaging, and more.

The foundation of our qualitative techniques is engaging customers in their real-world, real-time environment. We infuse observation, storytelling and other implicit ways of uncovering and understanding human behaviors to identify where your brand has the greatest innovation and growth opportunities.

Our robust toolbox of in-person and digital approaches includes:

In-context approaches:

  • Immersion Excursion
  • Retail Live
  • Shopumentary
  • Ideation Lab
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality

Agile on-demand solutions:

  • Quick Chats
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Rapid Reels

Our qualitative experience:


categories resulting in robust cross-industry design learnings


qualitative initiatives implemented per year


projects in past year using non-traditional and innovative approaches

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