Data Science

Continuous innovation is in our DNA.

Your customer and competitor landscape are fast moving. The science of data analysis is rapidly evolving. That’s why our data science experts are continually developing innovative statistical techniques to gain deeper insights and understanding. We make significant investments in research-on-research, and it shows in the range of advanced analytics solutions that can be applied to your project.

Our team is passionate about ensuring these sophisticated approaches and the insights they deliver are communicated in a compelling manner to the stakeholders in your organization. We do more than deliver data—we create meaningful stories from the numbers that lead to strategic and successful brand decisions.

One of our most sought-after areas of expertise is choice-based approaches—these are the gold standard for guiding decisions about new product development, product design changes, product line changes, and pricing.

We’re recognized leaders in these techniques:

  • Custom Advanced Choice-based Conjoint models
  • Menu-Based Choice
  • Bridging Combinations of Choice with MaxDiff
  • Adaptive Choice-based Conjoint
  • Mobile-Specific Choice Exercises
  • Targetable Segmentation
  • Latent Class and Advanced Regression Analyses
  • Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff) and Variants
  • Decision Pathways
  • Perceptual Mind Maps
  • Optimization tools to guide future planning

Our experience:


complex segmentation studies in the last three years


projects using advanced, choice-based designs in the past three years


of all projects last year included advanced analytic techniques

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