Custom Approaches

Today’s marketplace is fiercely competitive, where even subtle shifts in customer attitudes and brand positioning can dramatically influence your success. Here are some of the ways we get at customer nuances that make a difference to your brand’s success:

  • Targetable Segmentation

    One of the most effective ways to drive business outcomes is to create segments that you can use to develop products, services, offerings, and messages for database marketing. The Targetable Segmentation approach integrates qualitative behavioral insights with quantitative attitudinal data to create meaningful segments that result in deeper customer engagement and meaningful business results. Learn more in our Radius Report.

  • BrandingBeacon

    Positioning and re-positioning efforts must navigate significant challenges to deliver on business goals. When positioning failures occur, they are often due to a subpar understanding of the needs and expectations of customers. BrandingBeacon is a unique approach that develops stronger and more successful brand positioning efforts. Learn more in our webinar.

  • Holistic Customer Journey

    Both B2C and B2B customers have high expectations of personalization and more digital disruptions in their decision-making. Radius gets at the heart of how individuals make decisions by using a Consumption Loop to view people throughout the phases of the purchase journey. We leverage both data and behavioral research to guide branding, marketing, and sales teams in most effectively impacting customer choice.

  • IPO Solution

    This agile solution is designed for quicker evaluation of concepts, messaging, and positioning. We help you Iterate, Prioritize, and Optimize (IPO) to move your product initiatives along more smoothly and efficiently. This approach is ideal for a tight timeline, as it fluidly connects the dots from customer feedback to concept validation.

  • Innovation Roadmap

    Creating truly innovative offerings is challenging. It requires that carefully considered steps be taken including identifying the most promising opportunities, prioritizing the innovations, determining brand transformation, and predicting in-market success. Our Innovation Roadmap gives you the key decision-making guidance at every step of the process.

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