Quantitative Services

Radius is single-minded in our focus: deliver better business results for your brand. We partner with industry leaders in moving their brands ahead in the global marketplace in these ways:

Optimize brand offerings
Understanding the right price, the right features,  the right packaging for your customers—as well as their purchase decision behavior—is critical to growing share.

Identify clear innovations
Taking a holistic look of your market structure from a buyer’s point of view can uncover new and surprising brand opportunities.

Develop compelling propositions
Maximizing your brand’s clout in the marketplace is driven by a persuasive positioning, a results-oriented loyalty strategy, and relevant messaging.

All of our approaches incorporate sophisticated modeling and multivariate analysis techniques that are designed to uncover powerful and actionable business building insights.

Looking for business-building qualitative approaches?  Radius can help you uncover powerful consumer attitudes and perceptions.

Cindy Han
Managing Director
T: +86 010 8227 4600