Radius China brings a strategic and in-depth understanding of your market and customers in order to deliver brand growth and business success. Our research experience spans nearly all issues in product development, marketing and communications — product concept, pricing, positioning, messaging, branding, customer loyalty, purchase decision pathways, shopper insights, and more.

Our clients consider Radius China their trusted advisor for strategic and tactical market execution and decision-making. We partner with WIMI (When Innovation Meets Insight), a China-based consumer insights consultancy, to deliver insights that will provide clearer direction on all aspects of your business and marketing plans.

WIMI’s team has been researching the China consumer since 1994. Its unparalleled on-the-ground experience, combined with the Radius thought leadership in advanced analytics, offers clients compelling advantages for global expansion.

In China, our clients include many Fortune 500 companies in industries spanning  automotive, beverages, entertainment, financial, food, information technology, luxury, packaged goods, personal care, pharmaceuticals to telecommunications, and travel and tourism.

For brands expanding into China, the Radius and WIMI team can help you navigate this complex market that represents the biggest opportunity in Asia today.

For Chinese companies wanting to uncover new strategic insights about current domestic markets and customers, or expand into other continents, we can provide the intellectual capital necessary, as our experience stretches from Asia, to Africa, to Europe, to the Americas.