Estrella Ho-Looney

Senior Director, Insight Strategy & Multicultural

Expert human-behavior strategist who helps clients find and activate insights that drive business growth

Estrella brings 15 years of experience in innovation, shopper and multicultural market research from Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s, and General Electric and 7 years of experience as a moderator and capabilities leader. She developed as a skilled bilingual (Spanish & English) moderator and facilitator qualified in techniques such as laddering, ZMET, archetype, and Consumer Connects,™and now steers training and development of our high-performing Insight Strategy team.

Estrella has a proven track record in leading multi-functional concept development teams, global multi-phased qualitative and quantitative research, and making business building recommendations across a wide range of CPG and B2B industries. Her versatile personality and global diverse experience allow her to easily adapt learning plans and discussion guides to get the most out of research interactions.

Estrella has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, with high honors, and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.