Utilities and Energy

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Radius has built a specialized practice in the field of Energy Services over the past thirty years. We work side by side with major Utilities as well as trade allies, ranging from power generation, transmission, and distribution through to residential and business delivery of power and adjunct services.

Product and service offerings are treated with precision, from development through launch and tracking. Some key points to note about our work in this area include:

  • Handling energy conservation and management as well as above-the-line programs providing revenue stream.
  • Utilizing specialized program and pricing advanced analytics which yield optimized offerings and market projections.
  • Guiding communications development and refinement as well as measuring ongoing impact.
  • Merging social media feedback and big data with formal research results to enhance our learnings.

Tracking studies represent another key area of expertise for Radius. Our work in this area covers brand equity/health and moment of truth assessments. Moment of truth tracking accounts for end-to-end customer experience touch points, facilitates process and technological problem identification and improvement, and provides you with a key driver model for service level optimization.

We understand the energy consumer as well as internal issues faced by energy and utility providers in both competitive and non-competitive markets. We also understand the technical aspects of power generation, equipment, energy usage, and industry metrics for consumption, outages, and rate classes.

In Radius, you can expect a team that is at the forefront when it comes to addressing today’s technologies such as smart meters and smart homes/businesses. Further, you can expect us to employ state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative approaches and leverage them in creative ways to help guide your business decisions.

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