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If you are looking to generate public attention a brand, Thought Leadership Research is a highly effective approach to doing so. By showcasing knowledge of the industry, customers and emerging trend, it helps an organization and stand out from competitors.

Thought Leadership is a specialized type of research that incorporates both your company mission as well as your objective. This research helps enhance a story or message, and the insights revealed from the data can be used as part of a media campaign, a sales tool, conference presentation or any other

Most common uses of this type of research are to:

  • Support the importance of a product or solution
  • Strengthen a company’s image and reputation
  • Showcase advocacy work
  • Promoting a new campaign
  • Support the key messages on sales and marketing materials with data

Radius understands the complexities and nuances of Thought Leadership Research, and we use a custom approach for each study to ensure the most relevant and compelling results:

  • We first start with a meeting to discuss your research needs. This step is key to understanding what your objective is and how you plan to use the research.
  • The questions are then developed to help capture the key information to support your efforts. This process is very collaborative so we can insure we have met your needs.
  • We go through a very rigorous process when designing your questionnaire to make sure there are no biases or unbalances. We abide by guidelines set forth by multiple organizations including AAPRO, CASRO, NCPP and many more to assure they use of the industry’s best practices.
  • We customize the deliverables based on your specific needs. We deliver insights that are ready to use.
  • Finally, our team will provide you with a “second set of eyes” of your press materials to make sure the representation of the data is accurate.

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