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Build Your Personalization Campaign with Qualitative Research

Are you looking to drive conversions, boost engagement, and improve overall customer loyalty through a personalized brand experience? You may be  challenged to understand what types of efforts your customers will respond to and feel good about. This is where qualitative insights can be invaluable in determining the nuances of personalization.

Personalization is all about showing targeted content to customers. It is essential to keep in mind that this can mean treading on sensitive ground for some. Whenever we think about sensitive areas, it is recommended to start with qualitative research to explore the territory and inform the strategy before heading into quantitative research or campaign launch.

Qualitative research methods allows you to explore such nuances as:

  • When personalization is comfortable and when it is not acceptable
  • How personalization approaches work in various contexts and settings
  • How consumers define and experience personalization including their emotional and functional preferences
  • The value of personal recommendations and how social networks impacts consumer behaviors
  • Key engagement moments (what’s the best, where can I get it, how can I get it, when should I get it)
  • Marketing communication channel affinities, and usage strengths and weaknesses — understanding the ‘why’ behind everyday consumption activities

After getting at answers to these issues, quantitative research can then be conducted to better understand:

  • The range of personalization tools ranked based on relevance, intrusiveness, appeal and seamlessness
  • The ideal channel presence and usage mix for key engagement moments
  • Effective execution strategies

Want to learn more how qualitative research can help make your personalized content more relevant and enjoyable? Contact us.