Moving brand plans forward during social distancing.

Executive Director

Travel and social distancing restrictions aren’t preventing many of our clients from moving forward with their brand’s growth plans. Over the last few weeks, we’ve helped clients stay connected to customers in a wide variety of ways, including adjusting ongoing trackers, moving package testing online, and using in-home smart speakers for health assessments.

Here are some examples of our recent solutions that could guide your customer insights work as well:

  • Helping a major financial services client keep a closer eye on how the situation is impacting their brand by increasing the frequency of reads on key metrics and incorporating questions related directly to their industry.
  • Building in tailored behavioral questions to a long-standing ad tracker for a beverage client to help them navigate any changes that may be emerging during this time.
  • Taking advantage the latest insights innovations using in-home smart speakers to help a consumer health client better assess how people are managing their health during this crisis.
  • Ensuring a financial services client is able to obtain input on proposed features for customers by converting qualitative from in-person to online mini-groups, and refining the inputs so they translate well in this online setting.
  • Initiating online research for a technology client among business decision makers to move forward plans to deliver new system management tools and guide their efforts to assist customers with site reliability.
  • Providing an online solution to allow a major CPG company to continue their efforts at designing and optimizing new aisle configurations.
  • Applying Real-Time Concept Optimization through online tools to ensure our CPG client can proceed with their innovation efforts and effectively collaborate with customers and stakeholders as they refine their offerings.
  • Moving package testing from in-person to online to allow a consumer health client to continue their plans to bring a new offering to market.
  • Rapidly pivoting on an ideation-concept optimization initiative for a consumer care client to ensure that they can keep on track with their innovation pipeline agenda.

Interested in learning more about how these ideas could apply to your needs and help you continue moving your brand plans forward?

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