Quantitative Approaches

Radius specializes in custom research approaches that address your brand’s specific needs in the marketplace. Leading global companies depend on us to strategically analyze how to optimize brand offerings, identify differentiating innovations, and deliver a compelling customer proposition. Our senior team of experienced marketing and research professionals can guide your organization in solving these specific marketing and research issues:


Quantify your brand’s clout in the marketplace and develop a strategy to drive its equity forward.

Build an effective positioning strategy, complete with structure, support and tone.

Drive more growth.

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Assess and focus your efforts on the most meaningful targets: loyal users and prospects.

Identify opportunities, guide new product development and find optimal positioning.

Quantify how pricing a product or service offer will impact your position in the marketplace.

Identify opportunities to steal share from competitors by more effectively fulfilling consumer needs.

Examine strategies to increase share of wallet, increase retention, or build a deeper relationship.

Evaluate shopper behavior, dissect the components of the purchase process.