Case Studies

Radius designs custom research approaches that uncover the most meaningful insights to impact a client’s business performance. In our 55+ years of experience in growing global brands, we’ve discovered the most critical issues to address for growth include: identifying marketplace opportunities, innovating offerings, creating compelling messages, optimizing product and price, driving customer satisfaction and influencing purchase. These case studies show how our custom approach delivers the most relevant and compelling insights to guide strategic decision making for growth.

Build Optimal Product + Service Bundles

A leading paid auto club membership program wanted to boost sales through optimizing the benefits, pricing and bundling in its portfolio. View case study.

Develop Compelling Communication

A premium feminine care product sought an optimal communications platform. View case study.

Early Stage Concept Development

A sports nutrition company sought guidance to create innovative and compelling features for a new energy bar. View case study.

Forecast Performance

A leading pharmaceutical company wanted to determine market potential for a new prescription prenatal vitamin that is both chewable and tastes good. View case study.

Identifying and Targeting Market Segments

A major producer of business IT hardware and solutions needed better segmentation for product development and marketing. View case study.

Influence the Decision Process

A major provider of Pay TV services faced increased competition and needed to identify where consumers were dropping off the purchase funnel. View case study.

Isolating Open Space in the Market

A company’s product planning cycle was several years out. The challenge was to use consumer input today to identify future innovations and areas of differentiation. View case study.

Strengthen Loyalty + Engagement

A large regional bank wanted to gain share in the Business and Commercial segments by identifying acquisition and cross-sell opportunities. View case study.

Strengthen Product + Service Offerings

A major hotel chain sought to increase stays among travelers by developing an Evening Social Program. View case study.

Understand Brand Strengths

How a leading eye care company identified opportunities to expand globally. View case study.