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Director of Advanced Analytics — New York, NY

Reports to: Managing Director

Summary of Position:

Radius, one of the largest privately held market research companies in the United States, is looking for a Director of Advanced Analytics. This role is an integral part of the Radius business model. In this critical role, you will be working side by side with the sales staff at each step of the process:  research design, results interpretation, constructing predictive models and helping generate data-driven insights to solve business problems and challenges.

Role involves but is not limited to:

  • Advising the business development people on approach and design
  • Managing and training a team of analysts both in the US and abroad
  • Meeting with clients in the proposal stage and throughout the project, as needed, including presenting and/or consulting on results, as necessary
  • Working and advising research teams to assist them in interpreting and presenting results
  • Functioning as a member of the sales force
  • And all around ‘guru’

We conduct approximately 100 choice studies a year of all types:

  • Max/Diff
  • CBC
  • Adaptive
  • CBC
  • Menu-based Choice
  • Build customer satisfaction/loyalty/brand equity models (essentially Latent Class based)
  • Conduct numerous (often multi-country) segmentations


  • 10+ years of relevant statistical analysis experience at a market research supplier or corporate research department a must
  • Significant expertise in Excel, SPSS and Sawtooth
  • Experience with R is a plus
  • Candidate needs to have a comprehensive understanding of statistics and survey research. This includes comprehensive knowledge of custom quantitative research, methodologies and products
  • Experience in sampling methodologies along with a material understanding of sampling practices
  • Robust analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Commitment and dedication to get the job done
  • Strong communication and listening skills
  • A commitment to learning

Must have B.A. or advanced degree, preferably in marketing, social sciences or mathematics

About Radius
Radius is an AMA Gold 50 company with annual revenues of around $30 million, and with approximately 120 employees.